Q: My child and I are new to gymnastics. How do I know what level to join?

A:  We offer:

  • Parent/Toddler Tumbling (18 months -3yrs)
  • Preschool Gymnastics (3yrs)
  • Preschool Gymnastics (4-5yrs)
  • Beginner Gymnastics (6yrs +)
  • Boys Gymnastics (6yrs +)
  • Tweens Gymnastics (9yrs +)
  • Intermediate Gymnastics (9yrs +)
  • Advanced Gymnastics (9yrs +)
  • Parkour- Level 1 (5-8yrs)
  • Parkour- Level 2 (9-12yrs)
  • Parkour - Level 3 (9-15yrs)
  • Refer back to our class info page for more details about specific classes


Q: How do open gyms work at Bounce?

A: All of our open gyms are on a first come, first serve, drop-in basis.  You can show up or reserve a spot online.  Please have your child bring water and or snacks with them.  While there is no food or drinks allowed in the space, they can snack and drink in the hallway. Open gym is supervised unstructured time. Students are able to work on any tricks or skills that they would like during this time.  

  • 6 years and old can go in on their own.  Under 6 we ask that a parent goes in and participates with them. 
  • Cost? $10/hour or $15/two hours


Q: What are the rules for open gym?

A: We expect all students to be working on skill development, as well as any individual training plans they have. While we will encourage all aspects of movement exploration and group play, we will not tolerate any disrespect to students or teachers. If your student does not play well with others, they will be immediately asked to leave. We have a zero-tolerance policy. No refunds will be given for removal due to misbehavior.



Every student must read these rules out loud to a Bounce staff member before entering the gym. 

**Please bring a water bottle--Bounce does not have a water fountain**

  • Every student has a signed waiver, and parent contact info on file.
  • No student is allowed to leave the gym to walk around the marketplace.  The student must be signed IN and OUT by a parent.
  • Zero tolerance rule. ALL students must respect every athlete and coach in the gym. No bullying will be allowed. No warnings.  (If this does not happen, parents will be called to pick up their child).
  • Know your limits.  If you're new to tumbling, work with a coach to explore new skills.
  • Phones can be used to video yourself doing a new skill/trick.  No-Social media, Facetime, etc.  If you need to call parents please go to the front desk.
  • All children under 6 need to with a parent at all times during open gym.
  • Have Fun!


Q: When should we drop off and pick up our child for classes?

A:  We are located in a large marketplace, which requires us to take extra precautions. For your child’s, safety we ask that you drop them off no earlier than 10 minutes before their scheduled class. We ask that you pick your child up no later than 10 minutes after the class finishes. Our staff will be starting their next class, and we will not be able to offer childcare before or after the scheduled class time.


Q: How do I know when my child is ready to move onto the next level?

A: During each class, students will be working towards mastering the skills related to their particular level.  If a student demonstrates mastery, we will discuss with the student, coach, and parents about advancing to the next level.


Q: Are makeup classes available if my child misses a class?

A: We accommodate ONE "make-up" session per month, per student enrollment.  This make-up is in the form of ONE free hour open gym session.  

When: Any open gym within a month of your missed class

  • 6 years and older: Friday or Saturday 6:15-7:15 pm or 7:15-8:15 pm
  • Under 6 years: Sunday 8:30 - 9:30 am 


  • Email contact@bouncestapleton.com informing us that you will be missing a class
  • Include the name(s) of students missing the class
  • We will reply to your email with a 1-time per student promo code
  • Login to your Bounce Member Account, register for your desired open gym and enter the promo code at check-out

Due to full capacity, we can not allow drop-ins for "make-ups" during regularly scheduled classes. 


Q: Do you have open enrollment?

A: Yes! If a class already began, your child is welcome to join in if an opening is available. You will be prorated for the classes that your child missed.


Q: Can my child take more than one class a week?

A: Yes! Your child is welcome to sign up for two or three classes a week.


Q: What is Bounce’s drop policy?

A: Members wishing to drop from a class will need to write an email to contact@bouncestapleton.com two weeks before the first of the month.  There are no refunds after billing has been processed. 

  • You can change or drop classes on your account, or call our front desk to help you with this process.


Q: Does Bounce charge an enrollment fee?

A: No! You are only paying for the classes that you want to attend. All you need to do is sign up for the programs that will fit best for your child.


Q: When is tuition due?

A: All classes will be billed on the first of the month.  Participants will be charged for the number of classes that they have in that particular month. 


Q: What happens if I fail to pay tuition?

A: All students with an unpaid balance a week late will be removed from the class and replaced by a student from our waitlist.


Q: Does Bounce offer a sibling discount?

A: Yes! A 10%  sibling discount will be applied for each additional child per class.


Q: Does Bounce offer Private Lessons?

A: Yes! Private lessons and semi-private lessons are available. Please contact the front desk to learn more or ask your coach directly!


Q: Do you have a competitive team?

A: No. We do not offer competitive teams at our gymnastics studio at this time. We are just beginning to build our community. If students conquer our highest level, we will be more than happy to refer them to another great gym that offers team options.