All of our GYMNASTIC classes are designed around USA Gymnastic Recreational levels 1-6.  The focus of our classes below are to help develop a strong foundation in the fundamental skills that will allow your child to progress through each gymnastic level.  Students will follow a progression chart that will track their accomplishments.  Our staff is trained and experienced professionals that will help your child safely move through developmentally appropriate skills to reach their true potential.  


Beginners  6 and older 55 min $19 each class
Boys Beginners Tumbling  6 and older 55 min $19 each class
Tweens  9 and older 55 min  $19 each class 
Intermediate  9 and older 90 min  $24 each class
Advanced  9 and older 90 min  $24 each class 














Billing Process: All classes will be billed on the first of the month.  Participants will be charged for the number of classes that they have in that particular month.


All classes auto renew into the next month.  If a participant needs to drop a class, they must write an email to two weeks before the first of the month.  There are no refunds after billing has been processed.

There are no contracts or annual fees.


Skills worked on at each level:

Begin & Tweens

USAG Level 1-2 


USAG Level 2-4 


  USAG Level 4-6  




  • Running Technique -arm position and weight on toes
  • Running Technique - slow to fast acceleration 
  • Running/Board/Arm Circle technique master 
  • Hitting the board with two feet simultaneously 

  • Handstand to flat back  on res-mats (appropriate to height of gymnast)
  • Handstand Hops

  • Straight jumps up to high surfaces

  • Dive roll from springboard/mini ramp to resi-mat or 8"           
  • Handspring to feet over Vault trainer

  • Forward roll from springboard/min tramp to resi-mats
  • Beginning front handspring over barrel into pit 
  • Starting front tucks to 8" 

  • Straight jumps up to high surfaces with correct arm circle
  • Front handspring into pit 




  • Glide swings
  • Glide swings - 3 connected piked or straddled
  • Glide swing - 3 connected piked or straddled                   
  •  Chin up to pullover with spot

  •  "1-2-3" Glide (First half of kip)
  •  Pullover - back hip circle connected        
  • Front support

  • Pullover

  • Front hip circle with little to no spot          
  • Forward roll with correct hands
  • Back hip circle 
  • Casting 90 degrees 
  • Casting to 45 degrees 
  • Front support 
  • Sole circle dismount
  • Back hip circle with spot
  • Front hip circle with spot 
  • Kip with or without spot
  • Casting to 60-90 degrees 
  • Beginning cast handstand and free hip training
  • Beginning sole circle drills 




  • Proper "safe" mount of high beams
  • Releve' walking forward, backward and sideways 
  • All basic walking and kicking warm-ups in  releve'                       
  • Walking - forward, backward and sideways
  • Dip walks to high kicks (preferably in releve')
  • Full turn to passe'       

  • Dip walks ("ice cream scoops")

  • Pony walk and kick walks forward, backward, and sideways in releve'
  • All basic jumps landing correctly (tuck, pike, wolf, split/straddle)      
  • "Flamingo/Passe" and Kick Walks forward and backwards
  • Split leap at 90 degrees 

  • Twisting jumps: 1/2, 3/4, and full                
  • Releve' and Pivot Turns 

  • 1/2 turn to passe' 

  • Closed handstands to lunge press                 
  • Straight Jumps 

  • Straight/Tuck/Split Jumps (landing position in "press")
  • Cartwheel on low beam or high beam with little to no spot 
  • "Safety stick" on and off the beam must mastered
  • Tick-tock to lunge

  • Front Handspring dismount with or without spot 
  • Demonstrate control of arm position 

  • Cartwheel on floor beams or low beam with spot
  • Begin back/front walkover training 

  • Focus on beam with eyes at all times 
  • Round-off dismount with spot 




  • Body shapes and positions: tuck, L-sit, pike, straddle, straight, hollow, (banana), candlestick
  • Dive forward roll 

  • Hanstand forward roll

  • Forward roll (stand up without using hands by bottom) 

  • Backward roll to push up (preferably with straight arms)
  • Straight arm back roll to push up or back extension 
  • Backward roll (proper placement of hands)
  • Closed handstand to lunge press 
  • Hanstand 1/2 or full pirouette 
  • Tick-tock (open) handstand to lunge press 
  • Hanstand fall to bridge

  • Front limber or front walkover 
  • Cartwheel (start and finish on feet)

  • Cartwheel "front to back" start and finish in lunge press 
  • 1 arm and dive cartwheels 

  • Jumps: straight, tuck, straddle, split 

  • Bridge kickover on wedge or floor with spot (arms must be straight) 
  • Back Walkovers

  • Bridge 
  • Jumps: All basics 
  • Jumps: All basics and twisting jumps 
  • Split leaps at 90 degrees 
  • Full turn on releve'
  • Full turn on releve'
  • Split leaps at 120 degrees
  • Split leaps at 145+ degrees 
  • Starting back/front handspring training