"Take Me to Tokyo" Recreational Class Show


For our students participating in the “Take Me to Tokyo!” show...

Here are the links to view your Balance Beam and Floor routines on YouTube! 

Watching these may help you to remember your routines at home!

View safely!  We don’t recommend that you practice gymnastics at home!


To view: Click on the routine you wish to see!


Balance Beam:

Beginner 1 Beam Routine

Beginner 2 Beam Routine

Intermediate 1 Beam Routine

Intermediate 2, Adv. 1 and Adv 2 Beam Routine 



Beginner 1 Floor Routine

Beginner 2 Floor Routine

Intermediate 1 Floor Routine

Intermediate 2 Floor Routine

Advanced Floor Routine


~Students with questions may ask their coach when they come to gymnastics.  Some poses may vary from class to class.

~Students in Coach Erin’s Advanced classes- your routines are different- please check in with Erin in class!